This blog is not intended to be a financial venture. Its purpose is to share actionable tips and knowledge with anyone who has a desire to seek higher levels of personal and professional success.

However, the FTC requires bloggers to dispose if there are any hidden interests or biases in play in any recommendations made by bloggers.

So, first, and most obvious, I have or have had some degree of ownership interest in all the many ventures including but not limited to: Sharp Communication, Tango Tango, TA Sharp Properties, JABBED Consulting.

Further, by the letter of the FTC ruling, I am required to disclose if I earn 10 cents from an Amazon product link or if a featured entrepreneur who is interviewed bought me a hamburger. Rather than list this out in excruciating detail for every interview, link, or article that I should write from now on, let’s just assume all the following are true for every link, post, article, product review or piece of content on this site:

  • I received swag or gadgets from the product, company, or person mentioned
  • I received financial compensation from the product, company, or person mentioned
  • I received stock options from the product, company, or person mentioned
  • I was fed by the product, company, or person mentioned

This approach should make the FTC happy and still protect your reading experience. I only share out content or products that I use & truly believe in (and, frankly, I think you would quit reading if otherwise) and I make very little money from this blog.  But, to cover the bases, I think it only makes sense to represent that everything here has been bought & paid for by someone, somewhere.

Thanks for reading and big thanks to Tim Ferriss for providing the idea template for this page.